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Horse for lease in MI [29 Jan 2009|04:05pm]
Bella (not sure of exact age, middle aged)
• Red dun QH mare, approx 15hh
• Has been mostly trail ridden with some arena time and has been shown in speed events
• Nice mare, would do well with more consistent riding
• Owner lost her job and really doesn’t want to part with her
• No lease fee, you just cover her month to month costs
• Lives outside, board is $275/mo.
• Okay barefoot, no health conditions
• Located in South Lyon, MI
• Farm has nice indoor and 5/8 mile track with trails to ride on.
• Lessons available onsite, but not required

Owner very willing to negotiate details!

I'm posting this for one of our customers who just lost her job, she doesn't want to part with her mare but keeping her daughters horse is more important to her.
please email me ASAP if you might be interested, I'll give you the owners number to call.
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goodbye peachy [10 Sep 2007|11:55pm]
i dont really even know how to explain why shes gone. except that its better for both of us. i learned so much from that mare. there were endless numbers of frustrating days, i poured my heart and soul (and bank account) into her. and for 3 years i got nothing back. there was not an ounce of work ethic from her. it was always fight fight fight. and she really was dangerous. rearing and flipping herself was dangerous to not only me, but herself also. i still wonder what was done to her as a young horse to make her end up that way. but it didnt end bad. she finally learned that giving to the bit wasnt so bad, she finally trusted me enough to try what i was asking. the kicker was that my attachment to her was gone. after watching her flip herself over time after time, just fighting to fight, i had to let go. she's still got a place in my heart, and yes, i feel like i abandoned her, but there was no point in keeping her like a showhorse. she can be a momma, she can have a real purpose in life. she wont ever know that they arent her babies, and she will love them like their her own.

good bye peachy monster. i'll always remember you.

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the new boy [10 Sep 2007|11:16pm]
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RIP Molly Maid, 1986 - 5/14/07 [16 May 2007|11:16am]

for most of us, we spend most of our time trying to decide and doing whats best for our horses. we make sure they have adequate turnout, are fed a balanced diet, vet needs are taken care of ect. we bought molly about 2 years ago. she was an older morgan cross pony, black, a rack of bones but so full of life. we basically considered her a rescue and had no idea how great of a school pony should would turn out to be. after two years, she was fat, sassy and happy, and continued to try to chew on little kids as they tacked her up. about a month ago she came down with a tooth abcess, easily treated with antibiotics. then two weeks ago mysteriously punctured her shoulder, she was already on anitbiotics for the abcess so it was a matter of keeping it clean. monday morning we turned out the mares, and they we all running around playing. we saw molly stumble, but she recovered and didnt go down although she wasnt bearing weight on her front right leg. we let her hobble into the barn thinking she just caught her toe wrong or strained a muscle. after a few hours she wasnt getting any better the vet came out and did xrays. she had fractured AND dislocated her upper arm. and she was put down later that day. my trainer and i were both devastated and of course "what ifs" started coming to mind. it wasnt fair that she had been mistreated for so much of her life, and the lack of a good diet led to her bones being weak. she was just being a horse.
we want to keep our horses wrapped in a bubble but we know that thats not whats best for them. so we let be horses... and things like this happen. 
make sure you hug your horses.

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lets play another game, its called [05 May 2007|06:25pm]

so, my filly has a mystery lump directly between her front legs. its not hard, its not soft, it just feels swollen i guess. its fairly large (meaning: i noticed it from across the paddock and thought "my filly should not have three boobs, odd.") my educated guess would be that the little hellion was causing trouble and someone kicked her. its pretty soft tissue, since she doesnt have ginormous pectorals YET, hence the swelling? agree? disagree? similar injuries? its gone down a tiny bit in the two days since i noticed, and doesnt seem to bother her TOO much. ill have to get pictures tomorrow. she can be the equestrian circus freak till the third boob goes away. 
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[01 Dec 2006|03:00am]

just an update on the beasties..Collapse )
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[03 Nov 2006|04:17pm]
a few months ago i went to look at an arab cross filly. shes registered, shes beautiful and she'll be two in may. i absolutely fell in love with her. then rationalizing happened and i ended up not buying her. i was offered a morgan to show for free. since i was looking for a horse to show i decided not to spend the extra money and buy her. i really liked her though, and kind of kicked myself after her ad disappeared from dreamhorse. then today, while i was dead asleep i got a phone call from her owner. AND SHES GIVING HER TO ME! she said she really liked how the two of us clicked, and just cant keep her anymore, she has too many horses. so shes going to give her to me as long as i can have her out by the end of the weekend. so... after many frantic phone calls, i have a truck and trailer lined up, and an empty stall at my trainers place. what im lacking is somsone who has hauled a horse before. ive never driven a truck/trailer but i have moved my other mare around and been there while she was trailered. my best friend has driven a truck/trailer, but has very little horse experience, and he said he would drive. soo..we're set. i think. i need advice on trailering this horse by myself. we have a two horse straightload trailer. and my dads truck. any advice or tips would be wonderful. what side of the trailer should she travel on? shoud i wrap her legs? its about a 3 hour ride back to my barn from where she is. im so excited right now that im shaking!

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[23 May 2006|11:11pm]
well chad is one stpe closer to becoming mine... and bankrupting me. ive decided that if i do get him, im going to keep peach also. im not erady to part with her yet, and dont know if i ever will be. but back to chad. his "owner" owes my boss quite a bit of money for the care of her horses. so far the deal is that he will be sold to my boss in return for the bills being dropeed, and then sold to me. and i will make payments on him. heres the catch though. he must pass a soundness exam when he hasnt had his feet done since december, is missing a hind shoe and is at least 100 lbs underweight. *sigh*
and if all goes well... im broke.
he needs...
canines and wolf teeth pulled
teeth floated
a coggins test
spring shots
4 new shoes with pads put on
and at least 100 lbs..

buuuut he has SUCH potential...

gah this is frsutrating
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new horsey home near campus [23 Jan 2006|09:37pm]
alright, so im going to look at this house next week. for those who havent been
following the story, im a college student and got offered to lease a house off
campus with a barn for 500 a month. that includes self care board, and my room.
i still have to supply hay, feed and shavings.

so now my dillema is knwing how much it will cost me each month to keep my mare,
supplying everything.
right now she gets 2 flakes of grass/ alfalfa mix at each feeding. and 1 (4lb)
scoop of oats twice a day. after she settles into a stall shes fairly neat. so i
was wondering how much you pay per bale of hay (10-12 flakes) and per bag of
shavings (bulk isnt an option because there is nowhere to store that much).
shavings shouldnt be too much either since when the weather is nice, she can
stay outside.

and for hose of you who keep your horses at home, what is your average monthly
price to keep one horse?

thanks again
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[19 Jan 2006|02:32pm]
just an update

i took most of your advice and stole my horse away from the crazy trainer last weekend. it went pretty well. i got there and had a note and check alll ready for her but then realized that one of her youngest students and her father were there. so instead of telling her that i was leaving i snuck the note into her office and away me and peach went on a trail ride. thank god she loaded into the trailer without a problem. then of course... as we were driving away my trainer saw us... but she didnt call or anything. later that ngith she did call and left me a voicemail being suprisingly pleasant. so i called her back and we talked everything over, her main concern was why i left. i didnt wanna point any fingers or cause drama so i just told her that my horse isnt a show horse and that she wasnt worth the amount i was paying for board at a show barn. and everything seems to have ended on good terms.

and now im looking at a house to rent next school year about 10 minutes off campus with a barn! theres 3 bedrooms with other people in them already. the whole rent is 500 (includes board, i have to include feed and hay). so it sounds like a good deal so far. im going to check it out this weekend!
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[12 Feb 2005|11:17pm]
ideas for show names so far...
1. paint me peachy
2. she's a peach
3. georgia's missing peach
4. peachy keen
5. just peachy
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[05 Jan 2005|09:35pm]

my dream horseCollapse )
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[05 Jan 2005|07:56pm]
yay!Collapse )
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